Прокат без водителя


The most atypical and unique Museum in Russia.

1. Foreign cars, but with Soviet history. Cars from the 20s to 80-ies. More than 200 cars.
2. The largest collection of Cadillacs of different years of release.
3. A Real Junkyard.
4. The art flying machines.
5. Collection of vintage and antique clothing, radio equipment and objects of the USSR.

Ticket price

Entrance ticket

500 RUB.

Preferential entrance ticket*

300 RUB.

Children under 6 years.
(at the representative)





individual or
for a group of 5 people

3 500 RUB.

individual or
for a group of 10 people

6 000 RUB.

*Reduced admission:
- children from 7 to 17 years, students
- full-time students of Universities (upon presentation of student)
- large families (upon presentation of the certificate)
- pensioners (upon presentation of pension certificate)

- this is a story about the most interesting cars, their history in the USSR, the history of their owners
- answers to questions
- visiting additional exhibition pavilions cassette recorders, vintage and antique clothing and objects of the USSR

Office hours

Sat 11.00 – 16.00

How to visit us

For a car:
On M1 108 kilometers left on Borisovo. Further to D. Cipline.
Come to Zipline front of the bus circle to the right to the lake and go along the main road for a kilometer.
Landmark tower, near the tower paved road straight ahead goes into the dirt. On the primer 700 meters. And primer can be seen immediately on the right!!! Red-brown roofs and houses. Spontaneous Parking is at the gate of the Museum and along the road.

For pedestrians:
From the station Mozhaysk bus number 36 to the end, then on foot.


Here You can:
– To smile, to rejoice and wonder.
– Study, learn and ask questions.
– Take pictures of exhibits, yourself and others.
– Carry out professional photo and video shooting, shooting with a tripod and a copter, subject to prior arrangement.
– Take care of the property and the territory of the Museum, keep clean and tidy.
Dear adults, please do not leave children unattended!
The administration of the Museum is not responsible for the life and health of visitors.

Here You can’t:
To be in a state of intoxication.
– Bring and consume alcoholic beverages, including beer and soft drinks.
– Smoke.
– Bring traumatic, firearms and edged weapons, stabbing and cutting objects.
– Bring explosive, flammable, flammable objects, toxic and caustic substances.
To bring items contaminating or staining the room and the clothes of the visitors, the exhibits.
– Go behind the fence and in places where the entrance is prohibited.
– Unauthorized entry into closed and service areas and areas.
– Open Windows and doors of street exposition exhibits.
– To climb on the exhibits.
– Litter.
– Be on site after the Museum closes.
– To interfere with the performance of their duties by the Museum staff.
– To organize and conduct excursions and other activities not agreed with the administration of the Museum.
The Museum is open to curious, ready for anything new, polite, interested, interested in nature.
The Museum and exhibits are history, heritage and cultural creation.
And it’s a lot of work to which you need to show respect!
Violation of these rules entails a ban on visiting the Museum, even if there is an entrance ticket, as well as the imposition of penalties in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.